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  1. Upload Problems (FTP & File Manager)

    I'm having upload problems on my VPS, when trying to upload through FTP I get this message:""550 Can't change directory to /public_html/themes/Bright: No such file or directory

    550 Can't create directory: Permission denied"

    The second problem is with the Cpanel's File Manager, I don't know if this problem has something to do with the first problem, when trying to upload files through the File Manager I get this :"File uploads are restricted to prevent account issues caused by exceeding your file system quota"

    Regarding the first problem someone told me something about an ownership problem (accounts are owned by root instead of their users), in case of that how can I modify this ownership problem for all accounts?

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    The error you are getting in the cpanel File Manager is most likely to be due to a quota issue. The particular account could be very close to its disk quota limit.
    There is a setting on cpanel servers for minimum filesystem quota space required after file upload through cpanel File manager (Default 5MB).
    This limit is set so as to prevent users from hitting their quota limit through File Manager uploads. You can actually modify this limit thorugh the root WHM > Tweak Settings.

    If you are running over quota, that could be a reason for your FTP problems as well.. Other than that you would need to login to your server as root and check the permissions/ownerships on your files/folders. - the name says it all!
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  3. Hi,
    No, it's not a quota issue, this message appears always even on accounts that have plenty of free space, and it appears at the top of the page before you start to upload any file

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