I want to populate my paid directory hosting section a bit more:


Ill allow the first 50 hosting submissions for FREE as i want to populate this section of the directory.

Please select the appropriate hosting sub category and click the submit button - select 'regular submission' and submit your details.

I will post again when this offer expires and the 50 submissions are recieved.

Obviously if you'd provide a link page on a PR ranked page this would be highly appricated.

Terms of Submission:

1) Site titles must be totally unique, only include 1 dash, no commas etc, include the hosting company name and be less than or equal to 6 words. EG: XZube Hosting - Cheap UK Hosting

2) Descriptions must be descriptive - not simply crammed with keywords - and must be in plain english.

3) Deep linking is not allowed unless you select to purchase a sponsored listing - sub domains or folders are also not accepted.