I would love to let everybody know about how much i am satisfied and happy by using their service. I leased an external cpanel vps licnese from ndchost, since I inquired from every cpanel external license provider listed on cpanel website, I got cplicensing's reply most beneficial, and i leased my cpanel VPS license from them in 15 bucks, which is one of the least priced.

Since my usage it took me twice to contact them for support and they completely proved themselves as a lifesavor, I tried to install GD from WHM and ended in breaking my apache, Resulting a Blackout in websites. I contacted their support and I found they are highly helping and supportive, I dont think they are bound to provide the support level i requested, But Paul Cook at their support, happily and very politely made my apache rebuilt, It was about 4AM night when he was giving me support, It made me believe that yeah there are people who really care about customers and support. I have never experienced such a level of instant and more importantly, Accurate support, which can Save our Souls at anytime we seek.

Thanks *NDC* and i recommend them to everybody seeking a wonderful company.