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    Error when I change Smarter Mail from webserver to IIS

    Hello, I made step by step for to change my smarter mail from webserver to IIS, but always I receive a error menssenger in

    Server > Plesk Components Management

    This error menssenger:

    Some fields are empty or contain an improper value.

    What's wrong?


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    My soft versions

    My plesk is 7.6.1 and Smarter Mail is 3.x

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    I've seen that error before when the mail service is selected (as smartermail), but the webmail service is not selected...or is set incorrectly. Also, verify that the smarter mail admin username and password is set correctly within Plesk.

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    Hello, thanks for your replay.

    Yes, is correct username and password inside smarter mail service.



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    Hello, any idea?



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