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Thread: windows OS

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    windows OS

    What is the main difference between Windows 2003 Web and Windows 2003 Standerd? Other than the name of course?

    I'm planning to run a certain game server and I would like to know which would run better? I will be controlling it via remote desktop.
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    this may or may not answer your question but it's a start:

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    Quote Originally Posted by fqdn
    this may or may not answer your question but it's a start:
    Yep, that should show you everything you need to know. The main thing we've noted is a lot of people go with standard, as without it they can't easily upgrade past 2GB of RAM.
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    Quote Originally Posted by sam_cogan
    And you cannot run MSSQL on web edition
    To me that's the most important difference right there.
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