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    * Comparing two hosting plans, which is better?

    It seems that both and HostMatters have good reputation.

    Here are two shared hosting plans from them, which one do you think is better? Thanks.

    Plan I: $112/yr, 8,000 M bandwidth, 75M Space (HostMatters)
    Plan II: $129/yr, 10,000 M bandwidth, 250M Space (

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    It really depends on your requirements.

    What sort of space do you need?


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    Thank you, Lats.

    My website has only a dozen pages, plus a 1M .zip file for downloading.

    Less than 100 vistors per day, and serveral hundred downloads of the .zip file per month.

    I haven't any idea how much space the raw logs will take up.
    And whether 8,000M and 10,000M of bandwidth make much difference in my case.

    I need reliable email service.
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    I'd go 10,000MB (10GB) of bandwidth just coz its chap and to be safe
    This forum officially ****ing sucks

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    I've heard lots of good things about HostMatters, especially about their support, so unless you need the extra space and bandwidth I would tend to go with them.

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