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    SEO-Backlinks - Blogs

    Quote Originally Posted by Segey
    Agree with chamnett,
    Google shows 88 links to the main page, you could increase the number of links to improve PR and submit to relevant directories.
    Using blogs and freshly updated industry news will also convince Google that your site is worth higher PR.
    You may read the thread about blogs.
    I found this intereesting but started a new thread rather than butt in on someone elses topic.
    The above post and 1 or 2 others i've seen on here suggest submitting a site to a number of relevant directories. So as my sites are concerned with DJ'ing and entertainment in the UK, it would thus be a good idea for me to submit my sites to as many entertainment/DJ related directories in the UK as possible to improve my search engine rankings?
    Regarding the blogs; I've never done a blog so far and have never really read any other blogs either. What is the best way of implementing a blog on a site? and is it sort of like a diary, i.e. listing daily incidents/stories etc?! What other info would you put on a blog?

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    Yes you can think of a blog as a online journal/diary type thing.

    People put various things into a blog, from useless crap about themselves to things that might help with a various coding project.

    You could use it for news in your industry, talk about things that has recently happened to you good/bad, talk about new or old equipment. Provide technics on various aspects of your industry from the perfect set or a gig you found to be very positive.

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