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    Recommend Free Forum Software?

    Has anyone got any suggestions for free forum software? The main things I'm looking for are:

    1) That it be written in PHP, and use a mySQL database
    2) That it be secure
    3) Free
    4) Basic forum functionality, such as user registration, individual forums, smilies, etc. It doesn't need to be the slickest forum out there.

    I've been poking around on, and there are a couple hundred forum scripts on there. It's hard to know which ones are actually good.

    I do know that I am NOT interested in PHPbb, which I have used in the past, and have gotten hacked more times than I can count.

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    Hm, maybe MyBB?
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    I use SMF, it's admin panel is quite nice and it's updated pretty frequently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by rivka
    I do know that I am NOT interested in PHPbb, which I have used in the past, and have gotten hacked more times than I can count.
    Generally, if it's free/open source it's bound to be hacked at one time or another... From my experience, if you just add a rss feed from or sign up for their mail list, and upgrade whenever new versions come online (minor versions that is, i'm personally waiting a few months from the release of phpbb3 to i put it on my site ), you're save...

    But yes, mybb is quite nice, one of the bigger, which assures you that it's been tested by a lot of people, and security holes will be found quickly

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    mybb forums look very professional. See this

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    Phpbb is the most secure free forum I know of.

    Now getting hacked is your fault, if you expect to even use VBulletin (lets say it was free) and leave it unupdated, it will eventually be hacked.

    New exploits arise everyday, no matter what software you are using, you need to update when you are told to.

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    SMF is very good.

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    The thing with PHPBB is that it needs to be constantly updated to avoid being hacked
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    True, most communities not looking to spend money on a license for IPB or vBulletin will go with PHPBB, but you do need to stay updated on all upgrades presented as security issues are a constant issue with that script.
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    No matter what forum software you are using, make sure you update to latest.

    IN fact, i have soft spot for phpbb, they have great community forum

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    I like punbb... Simple and easy to use.

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    SMF i like and run on all my sites you can add nice mods to it to make it look like VB itself and function like one too .


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    I recommend MyBB.
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