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    3,066 / spam?

    Did anyone else just get the spammed email from /

    I have never been one of their customers, yet it was addressed to me personally. If they pulled the info from my whois lookup, they would have seen my name as the registrar, along with Doster.

    I am not the least bit amused by this. I forwarded their email to [email protected] as well as [email protected].

    Here it is, in it's entirety.

    Subject: Has a Brand New Look!
    To: "Douglas Hazard" <[email protected]>
    From: [email protected]
    Reply-To: [email protected]
    Date: Wed, 15 Nov 2006 17:18:36 -0500

    Dear Douglas, is excited to announce some new upcoming changes!

    On November 20th, you'll see the result of some very hard work by our
    entire team over the past year. Since this is an extensive upgrade to our
    website and infrastructure, the Control Panel will be unavailable
    from Saturday 4 PM EST till late night on Sunday. Rest assured, all of your
    domain names, dns, email, forwarding, cloaking, etc. will be fully
    functional during this time and will not experience any downtime.

    What changes can you expect?

    We've spent a significant amount of time making our website more usable for
    our customers. Managing your domain names and features is now more
    intuitive with improved management capability. We've also added mass
    management features allowing you to make changes to your domain names in
    bulk and added a quick jump box in your control panel that allows you to
    quickly switch the domain you're managing. Numerous other features have
    been improved on and added to make your experience with our website even

    On top of making our website more pleasing to look at, we also have a brand
    new logo that expresses our customer focused company mission.

    Want to get a sneak pick our the new home page? Take a look at an exclusive
    preview screenshot at .

    Addresses in our Email Lite, Pro, Plus packages will now have 250MB of
    storage space and will be able to send and receive emails up to 100MB in

    We've made some changes to the way our Premium Plan is packaged.

    Currently, our Basic Plan which includes the domain registration, costs
    $10/year. Our Premium Plan includes the Basic Plan's ($10/year) features
    and Premium Features ($24/year) for a total of $34/year.

    Starting November 20th, what was our Basic Plan will be simply called
    Domain Registration and will still cost just $10/year. It includes all the
    features already present in our Basic Plan.

    The new Domain Essentials package, formally known as the Premium Plan, will
    cost $25 and is now an addition to a Domain Registration at or

    As you can see, the pricing doesn't change much, but we believe this
    provides better clarity and packaging for our customers. This packaging
    also allows customers to change which domain is used with a Domain
    Essentials package right through their control panel.

    We've added two highly requested features to our new Domain Essentials
    * 100 MB Web Hosting
    * 100 POP Email addresses with 20MB storage space each

    So, with Domain Essentials for $25/year added to your Domain Registration
    (starts at $10/year) you now get Web Hosting, POP Email Addresses, Custom
    DNS, Domain Forwarding, Domain Cloaking, and Email Forwarding!

    Best of all, existing Premium Plan customers are being upgraded at NO
    ADDITIONAL COST. We've worked hard, and we can say, this is the best deal
    on the web!

    And not to worry, we are not standing still for even a moment. is
    going to be rolling out new services, such as Dynamic DNS early next year.
    We are committed to being the absolute best for our customers and hope the
    upgrades we'll debut on the 20th show this for a fact.

    Best Regards, Support Team
    [email protected] |
    High on Service, High on Quality
    And my not so kind reply to them...
    Give me one good reason why I should not only NOT report this as spam, but post on I have NEVER registered *ANY* domains with you, nor have I EVER been your customer.

    I do my OWN domains through Dotster (who does NOT spam), and I have my OWN servers.

    This is spam, pure and simple. SHAME on you for even doing this.

    >> High on Service, High on Quality <<

    Uhh, you need to add "Low on Ethics", as well.

    I will do whatever I have to do to make SURE potential customers are made well aware of your advertising tactics. / / Whatever you're calling yourselves... you better check your marketing practices.
    Douglas Hazard - Certifiable Sports Junkie and Sports Community Enthusiast

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    I love that reply email to them. That was great! Let us know how they respond to that....if they even do.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HostFrog
    I love that reply email to them. That was great! Let us know how they respond to that....if they even do.

    Self-less advertising tactics never work.
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    Are you on any of their marketing lists, perhaps?
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    Did you receive the email from the address you used for your domain registration information? You probably just got spammed from a whois crawl. Whois info, from a marketing perspecive, is only useful to hosting providers, etc.
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    Okay, apparently, somehow I did sign up for an account with them in July '05. Never registered any domains with them, according to the details they sent to me. I did log in, and it had names that only I would use.

    So somewhere here there should be a Mea Culpa, I suppose... but something doesn't ring right with me. I use three registrars (Dotster, GoDaddy (moving away from them) and DynaDot).

    I find it quite interesting that I would register for a domain account, but not use any of their services.

    Something still doesn't add up here.
    Douglas Hazard - Certifiable Sports Junkie and Sports Community Enthusiast

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    Just to be clear, does not send SPAM or mine the WHOIS. In fact, we've taken other registrars to court in the past for WHOIS mining (and misleading renewal reminders) to protect our own customers.

    Douglas created an account with us back in 2005. We don't send out much email to our customers since we don't like to bug them too much. However, very important notices are sent such like the one we sent out today so customers aren't surprised when they see a brand new website while managing their account. Douglas' email has already been replied to and he has been asked to reply to our email should he like his account disabled and therefore would not receive any emails from us in the future.

    In response to hinting that we somehow created the account, feel free to email our support team and ask for the IP's that were used to create the account if you'd like to be sure.

    Rest assured a good idea that we'll take into account for future is to always include the customer's account username in the email.

    Nitin Agarwal
    President & Chief Architect
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    This issue is resolved, and quite speedily, as well. I am sorry for not waiting for a response from Misk before posting here. Let this be a lesson to all...

    WORK with the provider first before coming here and posting on WHT. The Leaders, Liaisons and Guides are ALWAYS big advocates of that. Hell, I was a Liaison myself for a while. And I had forgotten that rule.

    I still do not remember signing up with Misk/RegisterSite in July of 2005, however, there are specific details on my account that are next to impossible to re-create, even fraudulently... so I do owe Nitin and Misk/RegisterSite an apology for this. I am going to request that this topic be closed and the subject changed. Misk was quite quick with their responses to my issue (and apparently, this thread), and my hat is off to them for that.

    Nitin, hope you do stick around on WHT for a while, you've got a few nods and posts on WHT, judging from the search results I looked at.

    I am truly sorry for any inconvenience this caused you and Misk.
    Douglas Hazard - Certifiable Sports Junkie and Sports Community Enthusiast

    Host of Two Cents Radio - Follow @TwoCentsRadio on Twitter (@BearlyDoug on Twitter)
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