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    [For hire]Full-time Billing or Sales

    I am looking for a Full-Time+ over time Billing or Sales position

    Age:21 yrs old
    Looking for a remote job..

    I can do Help desk,Live chat,Forum support & emails.
    I am the type of employee that will get things done that need to be done.

    please contact me via PM for more information.
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    Hello there,

    YearByHosting is hiring professional sales reps.

    Daily Duty:
    All our sales reps are expected to keep a professional level attitude. Most likely, you'll be in charge of advertising on forums, websites, friends, etc. Your goal is to refer sales and in return you'll be paid on a comission based.

    I don't expect anyone to do work for free. That being said, You will be paid/rewarded for the sales you bring in. PER Sale you bring in you will recieve 30% off the sale. These are all yearly prices so the pay is quite decent. Higher the Package, the more money you make!

    You will recieve a YearByHosting Email and your very own Coupon Code, which allows your customers a small discount. Also, under the "Reffers" your clients should select your name.

    Those who are interested, must email [email protected]
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    I'm just looking for a Billing Job right now.

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    Hello Shadow,I sent my resume & replied to your questions.

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