I have noted that many Web Hosts are now offering PSoft's SiteStudio as a user Web Site creation tool. We decided to invite PSoft to install it on one of our servers. We immediatly noticed that there seems to be a problem when a user tries to use images from SiteStudio's own gallery. Either the images show up as little square blocks, or the images vanish when you click on the refresh button.

PSoft explained that the problem is related to a Sun JAVA bug. They are unable to offer a fix themselves, stating that the image generation problem may be fixed when Sun gets around to it.

My question is addressed to all of the ISP's who frequent these forums who have SiteStudio, and are offering it to their clients.

How has this image bug affected you and/or your clients? AND What work around solutions are you using as you, like me, wait for Psoft or Sun to provide a remedy?