Hey everyone....I was wondering if anyone knew of a good webmail package that does not use IMAP/POP/etc...I'm basically looking for the functionality of the WEBMIN e-mail scripts.

Basically I want something that reads and parses the local /var/mail/USERNAME - authenticates via /etc/passwd - and sends mail via "sendmail"

The reason I ask is that I am using postfix tied to MYSQL for handling virtual users/domains....I have installed squirrelmail for my virtual hosts which works fine. However, the problem is that I still use pine to read my e-mail and have set myself up a local mailbox in order to do so....therefore, the IMAP server does not even know I exist, hence squirrelmail won't work.

Not looking for anything fancy....webmin would work fine except I have webmin locked from the outside so really doesn't help me if I wanted to check my e-mail quickly from a public terminal.

Just curious if such a script exists...