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    Inexpensive Dedicated Servers

    Hey guys, I sell some software that requires a dedicated server. We are trying to send some clients to some reputable places and need some suggestions. The software is going to require cpanel/whm (because of some automated domain installation features built into our software). It's going to run fine in most cases on a celeron or p4, but needs a minimum of 512mb of ram or better yet 1gb. We are trying to find offers in the 69.00 range. Any suggestions?

    (we've got over 100 users so this may be a big deal for some host out there willing to help us out)
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    Since cpanel alone costs $25-$35, I dont think you'll find one for that price. Maybe a bare one without cpanel

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    I'd have to agree with Xandrios on this one. 1EightT, if you are looking for anything of quality for even a celeron with cpanel you should be increasing your budget to around 85 a month at least (even $85 is pushing it).

    Keep in mind providers also need to have a margin on servers rented to remain in business.
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    I agree completely. I just want to get an idea of what we are looking at in the market right now. 85-89 a month would be fine as well. Really just some suggestions for inexpensive reliable hosts. Most of the guys will upgrade their servers fairly quickly after starting, but ths at least gets them in the door.

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    Since your talking aboout 100's of possible clients for a company.
    I'm sure they can give you and your clients some type of discounts
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    why not look at a VPS?

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    we definitely need dedicated boxes because of the unique requirements of the software.

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    If you can commit to many servers at once and then resell them to your clients, that will significantly help in getting a competitive price point. Its all a function of whether or not you want to put up the capital -- otherwise, a provider is going to give the typical deals of around $80 - $100 until you've built up a decent base.

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