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    Marketing a small web hosting business

    I must say, starting a web hosting business makes you feel like a very small fish in a very large pond.

    I'm not telling you anything new when i say that there are a lot of web hosting companies out there. At the moment i am marketing Jay web solutions using PPc advertising with Google, yahoo and the like, but the price per click is incredible. it's s per click rather than pennies.

    i dont expect you all to give away your secrets but there must be some advertising that costs a bit less and is fairly good on ROI.

    Any tips?
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    Cheapest advertising is word of mouth . Look for paid hosting directories and submit your company there.

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    Word of mouth is great I guess once you have a good few customers.

    Paid hosting directories are something i have looked at but are they really worth the outlay? Can you recommend any that are worth it?
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    you can sign up with diff. hosting-related forums like this one. Create a good looking signature including a link to your website, and start posting usefull posts.

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    Diff? sorry, whats diff?
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    He means different - it's just an abbreviation.

    One thing that seems to be working well for us is advertising (text links) on sites in AdBrite's directory - you may wish to check this out for yourself. The ads are usually fairly inexpensive, and so far are providing a good ROI.
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    Diff... different... Of course. Sorry i'm tired and have been staring at the screen for too long.

    Thanks, i'll check out adbrite now.
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    Target your PPC campaigns to local search terms. You'll find there are a LOT of customers looking for LOCAL hosting companies (for various reasons of distrust with the rest of the world).
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    I suggest advertising on developer or tutorial websites such as or -> Some are cheap, some overcharge. But find the right one and you'll get alot of newbies or maybe even pros come host with you testing their new scripts etc.

    Also it depends on who your aiming your company to.
    Clans advertise on gaming sites etc

    Remember -> You got to spend money to make money!

    update - 15.60 per month to advertise on zymic which averages 15 people online at the one time.
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    For price I don't think you can beat word of mouth. I know my ex employer had a website that sold hosting, and, he made one post that idly mentioned it on some website,( I want to say but don't quote me) and within three days he had over 400 contacts.. Only about 2 of them were serious, and they were only interested in his free hosting. So it didn't help him, but it did get his name out there.

    Maybe offer a bit of a discount on your hosting if your customers are willing to link back to your site, or recommend you? *shrugs*

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    I agree with GlobalWebDan. adbrite is pretty cheap and it's a good place to use. I stopped using google and yahoo. it was just too expensive for little ole me. Personally I think those places are not so great for instant ROI but are better suited for name recognition
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    Well i agree with the above but do they really bring in many new clients? I see alot of big name host advertising and because they pay $$$$ for advertising it is as if they get priorty (Not so true but you get what i mean)

    Word of mouth is good though. We started as most 1 client which rose when some family member joined (wont go into personal stuff) and thus it carried. Now we get plenty of hits and signups main from clients already hosted with us.

    Places like these are great for such things. We can exchange ideas thoughts and experiences. Ive seen alot of people give valuble info out to others which help them 100%

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