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Thread: Micro VPS

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    Micro VPS

    I have a small process that I need to run on a group of VPS's.

    It is so small that a VPS with 64Mb of dedicated RAM would be large.
    I also need redundancy - so at least 3 different locations around the globe.

    I've been googling VPS all night and everything I have come up with is too big.
    Can anyone suggest any hosts that can provide this?

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    6,450 can do europe.
    simplywww: directadmin and cpanel hosting that will rock your socks
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    I've got 64MB accounts from unixshell (who no longer seems to sell them) and vpslink. I've been very happy with both of them. The VPSLink one is $7.95 per month (goes down to $6.62 when you order yearly). The site in my signature is at unixshell, while the extremely steamy is at vpslink.
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