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    Another good firewall ? (already tried APF)

    Im using APF and CSF in some cpanel and ensim server, however.. in RHEL 3 & 4 servers APF is causing lot of troubles with proftpd connections... and now with SSL certificated sites... My question is..

    Do you know another good firewall for plain redhat servers ?


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    To resolve the issue with APF and proftpd connections, you can try the same fix that works with CSF. Simply open up that gigantic hole in the firewall.
    Unfortunately, this is a problem with software not following standards rules (ie: restricting connections to a certain port).

    Alternatively, you can use SFTP (ftp over ssh2) which should solve that issue as well.
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    Are you using apf in a monolithic mode? If so there is your problem. In a real world situation with conntrack_ftp the system should open the ports for ftp as needed.
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    In APF I already opened the TOS range for 45000:50000 for example (having 5000 ports only for ftp daemon), then also opened those in the ingress rules.. and still having the same issue... This problem happens even if I use proftp in the standart port or in a different one.

    Also.. I dont have monolitic mode on, SET_MONOKERN="0" .

    Anyway, do you know another good firewall for Ensim and Plain RedHat servers ?

    Thank you.

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