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    Remote backup software for windows desktop?

    We are looking for a software solution to run on our windows xp pro desktop machines to do the following.

    We want each machine to remotely backup specified folders on the desktop automatically every night at around 2am, to a remote ftp server located offsite.

    If possible, we only want it to upload those files that have changed.

    Does anyone have any kind of solution like this in place?

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    Or you could purchase automate

    Or if your clever with batch scripts you could do it for free with the windows task manager

    Or if it's XP Pro you can use Windows backup then use one of the many ftp clients out there that has a built in scheduler

    oh so many differant choices!!!!

    Then you can always mount the remote hdd and just backup directly to it..

    of all the solutions I think you really just need to go find an rbackup service because it simply works.

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    You might want to check out Novastor, They have a pretty good online backup solution that will do what you're looking for.
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    I use Cobian Backup ( ).

    Do exactly what you want. You can setup full, diferential and incremental tasks, and choose how many full backups keep at FTP server.
    The best free program I use to date!

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    2,063 is not up

    instead use

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    Have you tried ?

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