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    I have been looking for a cheap server in Europe and came across whic advertise 100mb/s unlimited transfer servers for as cheap as 19.99 Euros (via and better specs from E39.99. (Obvioulsy I wouldnt expect anywhere near the full 100mb/s for this price)

    I thought that seemed quite good until I cliked onto the English translation of the website and found that these offers are not available - in fact it is 70Euros for a 10mb/s server (with no 100mb/s option)! THATS A SLIGHT DIFFERENCE!

    Is this right or am I getting confused somewhere? Does anyone know if those excellent offers on the French page are available to anyone or only French customers? It seems a bit unfair if that's the case.

    It seems like the Spanish also get a raw deal but the German version is almost as cheap as the French one.

    Whats going on?

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    I have 2 Servers with OVH, you can just order on the French Site. But you have to pay the 19% TAX if you dont provide any Tax number or something from your contry... not sure though

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    You're getting it right -

    I emailed the other day and they said it is available only for people in France. Looks like it jumps to 70 euro for everyone else.

    Kinda sucks

    *I just realized that I have a french friend though...
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    Is it just the kimsufi (19.99 Euro) servers that are French customers only? Iwould still be happy with the 39.99 ones if it was possible although an online translator would be required lol.

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    I have one of the 19.99€ Servers so its not only for Frenchs so maybe its just reserved due the lack of new hardware for French Customers

    I got the 19,99€ Box and the 55€ P4HT Box with 1GIG Ram

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    I have also ordered two servers for testing purposes (1 kimsufi and 1 Superplan L+). As long as you are not member of EC, you will be not charged VAT. Otherwise you have to provide a valid VAT ID.
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