I have a bunch of domains that I want to move over to dreamhost, but I dont want to pay the $3.95/month for IP + SSL certs for each one them

I know DH doesnt have a shared SSL feature, but what do you think about this scenario, would it work:

1) Setup my main domain, and purchase proper IP+SSL Cert for it.
2) Configure my other domains to use https://maindomain.com/SecureFilesFromOtherDomains.com (of course copy the proper files in there)

Will that work without popups/dialogs/verifications/etc to the end user?

Do you think I could even setup wildcard subdomains, to make it seem less obvious and/or suspiciousf or the end users:
i.e. https://secure.OtherDomain.com.www.m...herDomains.com ??

Remember that all domains would really be on the same account, so I think its just a matter of configuring filepaths, etc.

Thanks for your help!