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    Hidden fields on html forms

    I have 2 dedicated servers. They are both Linux with cPanel.

    On one server the hidden field on html forms is not working, while it works on the other server. It seems like the hidden field is being ignored.

    Does anyone know if I may be having a server problem?

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    Your code (interpreting the form) is more likely an issue. Have you confirmed that the hidden fields are present in the other server (view source)?
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    I would think it was a code issue too.

    As a test I moved the site from one server to the other server. So both servers have the extact same webpages. It works on one server, but not the other.

    While debugging I am able to see that the hidden code is ignored on the first server.

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    if you go


    at the top of your php page, does it work then?

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