Hello fellow WHT'ers!

We just got a new shipment of our popular Intel P4 2.4Ghz Dedicated Servers and have them installed and ready for immediate deployment! These are great servers for hosting multiple small websites, or a single mid-size website or forum. Whenever we get these servers in stock, they go fast, so don't delay - order today!

EXTRA ADDED BONUS! For the first 15 customers to order, we will be giving out FREE HDD UPGRADES! Just be one of the first 15 customers to order one of the P4 2.4Ghz servers listed below, place your server order as normal with the stock 80GB drive, and a 120GB Drive will automagically appear instead! How's that for a deal!?!

Here are the complete specs:

Intel Value Server 2400
Intel P4 2.4Ghz CPU (or faster)
80GB Hard Drive - *FREE UPGRADE to 120GB*
1500 GB Premium Bandwidth - add $100 for 10Mbps Dedicated Unmetered!
10Mbps Network Port w/ Private VLAN
5 Free IP Addresses
Remote Reboot Port
Linux or Windows Available

$79/m + Free Setup or Only $790/yr + Free setup! Save $158 by paying yearly!


Upgrades and add-on's are also available -

OS Options
CentOS 4.x - Free
Fedora Core 4 - Free
Any other Linux - $40 setup (other than Gentoo)
Gentoo Linux - $80 setup
Windows 2003 Web - $20/mo
Windows 2003 Std - $30/mo

Control Panels
Add Cpanel - $25/mo
Add DirectAdmin - $15/mo
Add Helm CP - $25/mo

Network/Bandwidth Upgrades
Upgrade to 100Mbps Port - $10/mo
Upgrade to 10Mbps Dedicated Unmetered - $100/mo

RAM + HDD Upgrades
Upgrade primary HDD from 80GB to 200GB - $20/mo
Upgrade primary HDD from 80GB to 300GB - $30/mo
Add a secondary 80GB HDD - $15/mo
Add a secondary 200GB HDD - $30/mo
Add a secondary 300GB HDD - $40/mo

COLO DEALS! Versaweb is pleased to announce that we will be completely revamping our colocation packages! Take advantage of this "pre-release" pricing now by emailing us at sales at versaweb dot net to set up your package today!

Single Server Colo:

1U Rack Space
1 Remote Reboot Outlet
1 Network Drop (10Mbps)
5 Usable IP's
1000GB Premium Bandwidth

Only $149/mo + FREE SETUP and FREE UPS SHIPPING TO OUR DC! Contact our sales dept to order today - sales at versaweb dot net!

Need more than 1U of space for a 2U, 3U, or 4U server? Just add $20/m per additional Rack Unit.


Q: What bandwidth providers do you use?

A: Versaweb runs it own BGP4 multi-homed network. Our network consists of a BGP Mix of primarily AT&T, XO, and HE.net transit. Additional providers will also be coming online in the coming months - we are currently working on bringing in Savvis, MCI/UUNet, and Level3 among others to add additional connectivity to our network.

Q: Where is your datacenter located?

A: Our datacenter is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Las Vegas is a perfect location for a datacenter, disaster recovery facility, or backup site - it is natural disaster-free (no quakes, floods, hurricanes, landslides, or ice storms), has some of the largest power generation plants in the US nearby (Hydro, Gas, and Coal), and it is relatively fiber-rich compared to other cities it's size due to it's role as the gateway to much of the west coast of the US for many telco companies.

Q: Do you have a test ip and test file?

A: Test IP: Test File: http://www.versaweb.net/100meg.zip

Q: What forms of payment do you accept?

A: We accept Visa, MC, Discover, American Express, and Paypal payments. We will also accept Western Union or Certified Check for yearly dedicated server payments only.

Please let me know if you have any further questions, and have a great day!