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    * Got a website with minimal traffic? Then I want it!

    I'm currently seeking new projects to take on, and as such, have allocated a budget to purchasing websites with a small amount of traffic. Unique websites, with unique concepts and websites with both growth and profit potiential will attract more interest from me.

    When contacting me, please state what it is your website is about, and how much you want for it. Please also state the software you use (if any), and current web hosting details.

    Thank you very much,
    Most Kindest Regards,
    Justin J. Khoury
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    Hi Justin,

    For $30,- you can purchase , a free stock photo gallery wich runs on zenphoto and is hosted over @

    In october the site received 259 unique's, in november a wopping 96 :-)
    Interested? Let me know through PM or here, thanks.
    hi there!

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    I have I started this about a year ago but it was one of my umpteenth project which I got bored of. I usually have more fun building and trying out different website ideas then actually running them.

    This was a localized site for Greater Vancouver BC area but can be used by anyone really. I'll also throw in a second domain with it

    The site runs SMF forum software with a template I designed. ATM its running off my home server. It averages about 50 visitors per day.

    I'm asking $80 obo for it.

    I also have Its a free Google PR image site. So far this month its gotten 65 visitors and is PR2. Runs some software I bought and will throw it in for free with the domain.

    Im asking $50 for it.
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    I have available for sale.

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