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    Divinity Shared Hosting at $3.95 per month

    We have been in the hosting buisness for at least a year now.
    We arn't well known, but are services are true.
    We have 100mbit uplink connection for our servers, providing fast connection to you!

    Contact: PM here on forums or [email protected]

    Shared - Starter
    Base Price: $3.95/per month
    One Time $5.00 Setup Fee
    Storage: 500mb
    Bandwidth: 10gb
    Features: 100 Each

    Extra Features:
    1000 / $0.25 each per month
    unmetered / $5.00 per month

    File Hosting - Basic
    Base Price: $7.95/per month
    No Setup Fees
    Storage: 2gb
    Bandwidth: 30gb
    Ftp Access and Upload
    No file size/type limit

    Payable by:
    Paypal, prefered.

    You may increase your storage/bandwidth by these rates:
    (Note: These are our overage rates, as well.)
    1gb for $2.00/per month each.
    5gb for $8.00/per month each.
    10gb for $15.00/per month each.

    2gb $1.00/per month each
    5gb $2.00/per month each
    20gb $7.00/per month each
    50gb $15.00/per month each
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