We are in need of a custom script to capture and track the following values for each PPC visitor and store the information in a database with a decent sortíable php output:

Does anyone know if there is already something that exists to capture all the below?

  • click ID (sequential)
  • IP
  • time and date
  • geographical country
  • referrer
  • type of click (example: google SE / partner SE / content network)
  • keyword (if SE)
  • referring site (if content or any other non-SE ppc)
  • converted / not converted
  • conversion type, (quick contact / fraud signup / active signup / pending signup)
  • conversion value (if active signup. Plan 1 / plan 2 / plan 3 / etc)
  • conversion visit type (direct / returning visitor)
  • conversion delay (elapsed time between first click and conversion)
  • conversion client ID (if signup)
  • conversion ticket ID (if quick contact)
  • conversion email (if direct email)