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    free uptime monitoring - would you use it?

    Hey everyone,
    I like giving back and I like giving things away for free. How many of you would be interested in free uptime monitoring and what interval would you like (2,5,10,15,30 or 60mins) and how many locations would be sufficient? Would you donate or sponsor?

    Thanks WHT.

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    Did you use any monitoring service for this purpose?

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    Do you mean services like and Do you indend to offer something they don't?

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    2 locations to ensure if 1 isn't working the other will. I would use it and would consider making a small donation. It would need an interval of 30 mins or more regularly and would need to have SMS alerts when when my server is down.

    Finally, there would have to be a way to import my uptime data from serviceuptime onto your system.


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