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    Enterance Bounce Rate

    Hey guys,

    I am in the midst of doing a study and I was wondering if anyone here knows what the average enterance bounce rates should be?

    Whats considered a good enterance bounce rate? and whats considered non acceptable?

    Suggestions are appreciated.
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    That is a very broad question. The bounce rate for a home page very much depends on the Web site. When we redesign Web sites for customers, we look at bounce rates very closely and as a result we see all sorts of trends, and we can almost always point to something on the page which is resulting in the high bounce rates, or low bounce rates.

    The reason I say it depends so much on the specific Web site is because if one Web site has a 90% bounce rate on the home page, but 90% of their primary content is on that home page, that bounce rate is to be expected. If visitors went to the site to view the latest podcast, and this was on the home page, then more than likely the visitor will watch the podcast then close the window.

    However, if the Web site is an online store and has several sections before the user reaches the conversion goal of the payment page yet their bounce rate on their home page is 90%, there is something seriously wrong.

    Some real life examples. My personal site had a 91% bounce rate on the home page last month. I know exactly why this is; Almost all my content, in the form of my blog, is on the home page. I have a few other pages, but nothing really all that worthwhile.

    On the other hand, I own a Web site with about 500 pages of content, all very useful for the people who visit the Web site. That had a bounce rate of 44% on the home page last month. Personally, I feel that bounce rate is still a little high, considering the nature of the Web site, but that is probably due to the Web site having being neglected for other a year.

    Maybe if you posted the site here we could look at it and determine whether it has any calls to action which would reduce the bounce rate, and maybe we could give you a ruff idea of what bounce rate you should be looking at.
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