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    * Review our web 2.0 search engine

    Can someone review our new search engine and give me thoughts, suggestions and feedback on how we can make it better.

    The search URL is:

    What's the difference with this engine?
    1. lets you leave comments, files and links on each search term.
    2. automatically loads content from torrents, newswires, and searches all the forum board messages everytime a search is run.

    Much appreciated.

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    I forgot to add, try searching for terms like:


    to see the tabs in action.

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    The results look pretty good but I can very rarely get to the second page of results always shows just the basic template but no SERPS listed.

    Also it'd be cool to have from a usability persepctive to have a search box at the bottom the page it's amazing how many times I use it at the Google when I'm at the bottom results.

    Good luck, SEs are a tough business to crack hope it all goes well for you.

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    Quote Originally Posted by oSM
    I forgot to add, try searching for terms like:


    to see the tabs in action.
    Can you explain why should I search for these terms? What's the function of the search engine?

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    it probably searches the web Those phrases were just examples with guaranteed results. I like the website, but it seems I can't get used to AJAX when it's not blazingly fast. Same happens here @WHT. Sometimes it takes about 10 secs before my quickreply is posted, and it freezes up the browserscreen until it's posted. not my cup of tea....

    But the layout looks very good! I've tried styling an <input> like that once as well, but it looked rotten on Linux systems with KDE... Have you tested it in Konqueror?
    hi there!

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    The one huge problem I see is that you are using POST as the form action for your search. Instead of using GET and passing the query string with the URL, when I hit back on your site (after searching): Warning: Page has Expired

    Fix this by passing the query with GET:
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    Ok a few designer notes since Im not really into the rest. The "Add Comments, Files and Bookmarks to any Website." with 3 colours in it really distracts you for filling something in to search bar. In the case of search engine I would really target one thing wich you want the visitors to look at. In your case I think that should be Q6 to start building up the brand. And all the other things just make it grey with maybe one back up colour wich is also in your logo. First make sure people feel home with your brand.

    Also I think the bar where you type your search things in is too dark, people really like to type something in wich is so light as possible. Thats why for example this "quick reply" thing has a white background I see no reason why you should not do that in this case.

    And the with the search results their is a top bar where you can sign up, I would really put that at the bottom. Because and you make it crowded and you make people lose their eyes on the content, wich in this case is too important to make this search engine friendly.

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