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    Vanity Vhost Question

    Hello everyone, Does anyone know how to make a vanity vhost for irc purposes. I have my nameserver setup already. But i need to tell my isp to reverse for me. But provider told me that they need to know my nameserver ip. Why is this so? How do i fully control it.

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    They only need to know your nameservers if they are delegating you control over the range (for reverse dns).

    The virtual host is just an A record (forward) and the PTR record (reverse).

    Example: (A record for) => (PTR record for) =>

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    Alright i understand now . But i often see people talking about ipv4 ipv6.. what is that?
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    Ok In case i dont understand. I take this ip as an example to explain.



    zone "" IN {
    type master;
    file "reverse/12.34.56.rev";
    allow-update { none; };

    Reverse zone file

    78 PTR

    Forward zone file A

    Is that correct?

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