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    WHOIS info changed?

    We just received an email and we were wondering how the user got our email. I remmerb seeing emails in whois records but just ran one in and was surprised to find that it onyl contast a name and DNS records. No more email or addresses. We did not pay to hide this info. Is this new? Are there any other whois sites that we can check to see if our email address is obtainable? Any tips would be helpful and appreciated.

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    Hi, I use for my whois enquries. Maybe they will provide more info for your domain.

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    You'll always get lots of spam from your whois records. This is one (of several) reasons why you might want privacy protection on your whois records.
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    You can also check using
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    Some registrars limit WHOIS lookups via 3rd parties.

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    Ive gotten spam in postal mail before
    but alot does come to my whois email address
    gives me something to do in quiet times (reporting to spamcop).

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