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    Question about co-lo (re-seller)

    Is there such a thing as a private label or ( re-seller ) colo company?

    I basicly want to test the waters of adding co-lo services to my business.
    I'd rather not tie up tomuch time or money into it untill I know its something that will be worth while. --I'd like to start out by outsourcing it if possible.

    I've never seen one, but if any of you know of such a thing i'd be happy to hear about it.


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    I'm pretty sure in NYC has something like that.

    If you don't want to put much money into it its probably not going to turn out well for you, you need money to make money!

    What most companies do is research companies, find one with a good price and good reliability, use them and add your own type of management. You want to be able to offer more than the company your using otherwise whats the point in the customer using you over them?

    Hopefully that gives you an idea....your not going to get any deals unless you buy bulk, if you don't you just have to add more service so you can charge more and make money.

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    We use Level 3 foot print for colo. They have 70+ markets so its a lot of coverage of most of the Major US and western Europe cities. Limitation is it is for clients that need Full cabinets or more as they are unmanaged data centers. We do have resellers that piggy back on our agreement to sell into those facilities.

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