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    TimeHost & Frontline Communications?

    I've searched, but I don't see mention of this elsewhere on the forum.

    For the record, it appears that Timehost is merging with or being bought by Frontline Communications.

    I've been a Timehost customer for years, been relatively pleased with their service and support. Wished for cPanel (which Frontline offers), but other than that, everything just kinda worked on Timehost. So far so good with Frontline.

    Does anyone know the details of what's going on with these two companies? I've checked Google, and can't find anything. I've looked over both Timehost and Frontline's sites, and neither has a mention of the situation.

    Neither Timehost or Frontline have communicated what's happening to their customer base, I've just noticed the Frontline logo creeping into some of the Timehost pages. And I just received a support ticket that mentioned I was a "legacy Timehost customer", and could be migrated to the Frontline servers for additional feature-set.

    I'm not really concerned, just curious more than anything. I'm also a very happy HostGator customer for some of my sites, so if Frontline doesn't work-out, I'll just migrate further in the HostGator direction.

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    Why don't you just e-mail them and ask all the questions you need?

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    Yup, probably the only way to get solid answers is right from the source. They may be hesistant to give you ALL the details, but I am sure they will enlighten you on what you do need to know as a customer!
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    Timehost has been owned by Frontline for quite some time now. I was with them up until a couple of years ago (since early 2001), and the change either happened when I was with them, or right after I left, I can't remember exactly. If nothing's changed yet, I wouldn't expect it to now.
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