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    UK Hosting Solutions : Web-Hosting ; Home - 1.95, Premier - 3.95 & Business - 5.95

    Are you looking for Hosting Solutions? If so, Wilson Hosting is number 1 for great & innovative hosting solutions. We offer quality Web-hosting & Webmail Packages, and soon to be hosting Teamspeak (voice-over-internet-protocal) and multiplayer game servers.

    Web-Hosting plans start at just 1.95 Monthly!!!!!!! 3 Plans to chooses from!!!

    Visit Today!!!!!
    Jamie Long
    Wilson Hosting

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    It seems I can only order with a subdomain? That's odd.
    hi there!

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    hello, you can have a sub-domain name, or just fill in a sub-domain u prefer, but once your accont is created you have the option to register a domain name IF YOU have one, and we set-up your webhosting on the domain name u provide us with.
    Jamie Long
    Wilson Hosting

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    pls check the order page now, i have changed it for you!
    Jamie Long
    Wilson Hosting

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    Now check the order page, it has been modified! sorry about the inconveniance.
    Jamie Long
    Wilson Hosting

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