Hi guys,
I need a coder for a domain control panel. It will use direcTI APIs and will do these;

Customer will register,
He will order domain names (paypal and wire payment details will be)
When paid by PayPal, domain will be registered asap via registrant.
When paid by wire, admin will approve it and will be registered

Then he will see domain name on his panel.

He will be able to do,
NS creation, other DNS things (MX/AAA/C records etc)
And other basic domain works.

Please tell me your prices by P.M. and email info(AT)askmeany.com - (AT) = @
No design needed, it will be done by us, project has 3-4 months or 1-2 months more if you need...

We are looking for great prices under $100
(if its impossible for you, please dont tell me something like "are you joking, etc.. Coz have another coder will handle all jobs from $100 and looking for lover prices)

Thank you very much.