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    Two Websites For Sale

    I previously owned and developed two web design and hosting web sites:

    Domain name is not included, in fact it is not even functional anymore. You may view the content at:

    Unfortunately I do not have any of the PSD files for this website, it is content only. It was developed in ASP, and is currently being served on a Unix server, so ASP functions (such as the contact part) will not work. This would, however be a great website for someone starting out. Because of these limitations for what I have, I will be willing to hand over the content as is for $60.

    Domain name also not included - has been my e-mail address and it would be too hard to change. I do, however, have the PSD files for this site, so it will be easy to change the header to something of your liking, instead of This website was developed in PHP. Unfortunately I no longer have use for this website after taking on other business opportunities and I wish to sell it. You can view the content at:

    I will sell all the content, as well as the PSD files for $160.

    - I will also be willing to sell BOTH sites for $200 total. Remember this does not include the domain names that they were originally developed for, however you may change the header for INurv and,, and, among others, are available for registration.

    Please contact me if you are interested:
    E-mail: [email protected]
    AIM: WDCentral

    Ben Hughes

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    I don't see the purpose of buying a site without the domain...

    The main reason is because you need it for an email address. Couldn't you just make a deal with the new owner to have your email address setup so you can still use it?
    Best Regards,
    Dustin Oder
    "Growing With Tomorrow's Technology"

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    It's like a template with content .

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    I explained the purpose before -- you can change the site title to whatever you want. Think of it as a pre-populated template.


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