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    Question very cheap! WOW!

    How are they, how is their uptime/network/speed?
    I saw they offers are very very cheap who want share experiences about
    this company ?

    thanks in advance

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    well, you might wanna read this from their site

    * Es fallen zusätzliche Kosten durch mindestens 1 Traffic Paket an, es können abhängig von Vertragslaufzeiten, Betriebssystem, usw. weitere Kosten entstehen
    In other words: there are addon costs for purchasing at least one traffic package. there could be other costs depending on contracts, OS'es etc etc. (My German ain't all that, but that's on or about what it states.)

    But even after adding that, they're still waaaaay to cheap. Don't know what's up with them, you might wanna contact sales and support prior to ordering.
    hi there!

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    nobody bought a server from their ?

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    Servex: Are you German or talk the language?
    If not, I can't see the point of you purchasing a server from there
    Caro.Net: Support is everything
    Offering High Quality Dedicated Servers.

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    There's also a setup fee

    Einmalige Kosten:
    99,00 €

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    im not from germany but from my country the ping response its very low from germany (generally 70-80ms), im currently reselling servers and i selling ovh but ovh have very bad support (2 ticket opened after 3 days nobody reply) so im searching a good alternative to ovh.
    I tryed also bestofdata, its very good for the support but not for the ping, during the night 80ms and during the day 300 ms (from the usa 200 ms).

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