Client has a problem with email when they remove accounts from the manage email account section in Cpanel email no longer works. The problem is authenticating, not so much connecting. In the exim log this appears > 535 Incorrect authentication data ([email protected]) they have over 100 pop accounts (Lot of employees) when they delete accounts their probably deleting 5-10 at a time I guess.

Post Problem:
Ive contacted Cpanel support three seperate times as I own the license so I get quick support from them and their pretty good but this they can't figure out, nor can they duplicate it. Neither can I. I have an open ticket with them now their wanting to try deleting the accounts they want to delete themselves and see what happens but my self and the previous cpanel tech did this already, nothing happened. Gotta be something the client is doing that were not.

Fixing the problem is just /scripts/eximup --force and problem goes away but it will return once they start doing account deletion again.

One time I did manage to catch the problem with them and when I couldnt log into a pop account I turned off My Server Requires Authentication in Outlook and I was able to log in and send an email and normal stuff even while the error was present so we thought we found a solution but that wasn't it, problem still exists. I made a post on Cpanel forums no one has encountered it before I guess, one other person replied to my post and was experiencing the samething, I told them to turn off the server authentication in outlook they replied they would try it but never got an answer if it did or not so who knows.

So far no one has been able to figure it out Email still goes into the system normally just can't send from it during the time this happens so its not a total loss. All I can do is the quick fix reinstalling exim since myself and cpanel can't duplicate the error so I dunno what to do at this point.