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    oscommerce problem

    runing version 2.2
    i've deleted a product but it still shows

    if you look Rob Cain bit has no image i've scanned the SQL and still nothing its not my browser caching

    also i've tryed their support forums but its down for me just not loading

    any one able to help? - Liverpool Web Design - Liverpool Clubbing

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    If a product still shows - then it's still in the database. The way osCommerce finds it's products, is by searching the "products" field with "whatever" rules applied to it (like sorting, new products only, category, etc...).

    With that said, go log into your phpMyAdmin, and check the Products entry. Browse the Products, and you should find the one that's still listed.

    Also, check in your osCommerce Admin. Under "Tools" there should be "Cache". If you are cache'ing any files to the server - they will be listed there. Hit the "Recycle" button if there are any files.

    This should solve the problem...
    Hope this helps!

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