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    Question Chinese-language questions

    I'm going to be doing a site that will be bilingual, English and Chinese.

    We have an English-speaking designer and a Bilingual translator who seems to be fairly computer-savvy, but collectively we have no experience with the ins and outs of Chinese character sets, etc.

    One desire (hate to call it a requirement) is that the Chinese-language side of the site be displayed in any browser without need for the user to take any action to install fonts or plug-ins or change settings. At the outset I said that I didn't see any way to make this happen other than to make all the Chinese text into images.

    Is there any other way to accomplish this?

    In general, what are the issues, relevant standards, and best practices? Is there any resource on the web for English-only speakers that does a good job at explaining this ?

    Thanks much in advance.

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    Aside from images or documents their is no way for them to view the chinese characters without the language installed on their computer. But if they want to view the site in that language their isn't much likelyhood that they won't allready have them installed on their computer allready.

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    I think visitors able to read Chinese (like me) will usually have the Asian fonts installed. Therefore there is really no need to worry about.

    By the way if you need help about Chinese, let me know

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    I've tried this once and found that:
    - Normally the user should have chinese font installed.
    - The browser should be sophisticated enough to encode it automatically. I've tried it with FireFox 1.5 and succeed. I guess IE 6, or Opera 7 would be able to do this.

    Great examples for Chinese based webpages could be found at non-english webpages. It includes example for Chinese character webpage (traditional and simplified) along with Japanese, Korean, Russian, Greek, etc. There are 15 languages there.

    Hope that helps.

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