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    English question

    A friend is applying for English Gardening course in England. It is one year course/job kind of position.

    There is a question in the application form I couldn't understand:
    "How much notice would you have to give from your present position?"

    I don't have any idea what is this question about.
    Any help?

    Closed for winter...

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    I think it means "how long are you legally bound to your current job ?" / "if you cancel your current job now how long will you still have to work for the current company ?"

    Usually if you are working for someone you have to cancel a few months before you stop working for them so that they can make new arrangements... And I think that is what they are asking for. How long will it take for you to get rid of your current job.

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    Indeed, glace is correct.

    They're asking basically how much time you'd need to discontinue your current job.

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    Yeah, I think grace is right as well. It's a bit vague though.

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    BurakUeda, as glace has explained, they want to know how long in advance you must let your current employer know to be able to leave.

    Quote Originally Posted by joshcrick
    Yeah, I think grace is right as well. It's a bit vague though.
    I must be honest in saying I can't see what is vague about it. It is a standard manner of asking the quantity of time needed to give leave at one's current job.

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    When I read it, I had no idea it was about a job interview.

    I understand now.

    I still think it could've been said better.

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