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Thread: Good Host!!

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    Post Good Host!!

    Anyone can recommended the good host. thanks..

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    Could you perhaps give us some details as to what you are looking for?

    Bandwidth, disk space, what is your budget?
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    There are so many hosts out there now, that a good method to finding a host to look into is by simply browsing and searching these forums! Look at reviews, suggestions, etc.. and create a list of potential hosts that offer the features that you want, then narrow down your list by searching for reviews on each individual host.

    This method has worked quite well for others searching for a host and hopefully it can do the same for you

    Good luck!
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    If you keep paying without using it. monitoring it, contacting it, any host can be a very good host, for you.
    And I bet they would think of you as a very good customer, as well.
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    What site are you going to host? approximate number of visitors? preferences in panels, if any?

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    Like the others have stated, your requirements would be nice to better give you some recommendations from other members. What control panel do you want to use, which OS are you looking for, what are the specs of the site in terms of visitors, how big is it, do you expect growth, etc. These will pretty much all be needed to give you clear recommendations.

    On the other hand you can search for web hosting providers on WHT in the offers section and just make a shot in the dark and sign up with one. That is not suggested though
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    I've recently registered @ Royalty Hosting and they seem darn good so far. Fast and powerful servers, but I can't tell what's up on the long run.

    HostGator was good for me as well, they offer 24/7 live chat and phone support.
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    Well, that is the kind of question that I can only answer from my own experience. I assume you are looking for a starter package at $10/month or less...

    I have tested a number of web hosts, and the one I have most of my sites with now is HostGator. But sure there are other good ones also.

    Good Luck!
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    Hostgator are very good. I have hosted with them for 2 years now. There support is great. The price is a little expensive compared to others, but well worth it never the less.
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    The price is a little expensive compared to others, but well worth it never the less.
    My bet is that if you ask the old timers on this forum, most would say HG is pretty low priced, especially when it comes to their shared hosting. The notions of cheap/expensive are very dynamic these days in this industry, but if you make the effort of stripping the marketing part from the offers, the reality of things will be more easily apparent.

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    Hostgator has been great for me as well. Good price for the services I receive, and great support.

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