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    2 major outages over the last 2 weeks, with 3 other smaller outages.
    Insufficient backups meant having to rebuild with more difficulty than necessary.
    While I understand no host can guarantee 100% uptime, this level of outage is unacceptable and even more so when explanations are not forthcoming and I HATE having to email asking for explanations.
    If a host really cares about customer service they would:
    1. notify their customers
    2. place a temporary notice on their customers web sites explaining there is a problem and the site will be back in approximately x minutes/hours/days.
    3. Give the customer 2 weeks free hosting for each days outage as customers/visitors lost do not come back.
    I'm still using them but when (and if they come back online) it happens again I'll be moving onto more professional hosts.

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    Insufficient backups = your fault!
    On one of my computers, I have a hard drive just for backing up............

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    Yeah that isnt really fair, we usually discount our clients when outages occur. I mean, its only fair, you the client paid for a month of service, not an hour of downtime.

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