Hi all.

I am not a host but own a dedicated server with excess space/bandwidth that I never use. To help me with my server costs, I am able to offer some space/bandwidth on a high spec server for an unbelievably low price. The details of the server are below...

Server Spec
Server - Intel Pentium 4 2.8 DualCore920
Server Location - Savvis DataCenter
Control Panel - cPanel/Fantastico
Software Installed - MySQL, ZendOptimizer, GD, Imagick, Curl, EAccelerator

I am able to offer around 50GB space/250GB bandwidth. The server has three sites running off it (all mine) and therefore the memory and swap figures are extremely low. The server is leased from DedicatedPlace and is fully managed with firewals making sure it is securely protected from DDOS attacks etc.

I am not going to put a price on what I want for the above, but please PM me with sensible offers and I am sure we can do business. I would like to do business with one person only as well so the server is not overloaded.