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    Yahoo! Directory Listings

    How many of you have submitted your web site to Yahoo! Directory and seen results? Is it worth the $300 price per year?

    Please share your opinions/experiences.

    Thank you.
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    4 years ago when Google ranked Yahoo's directory pages well it was worth it from both a traffic and a Page Rank flow on effect but now days I think the $300 is better spent on PPC ads or SEO tactics.

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    So basically getting listed in the Yahoo directory would be a waste of money?

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    Any more thoughts on this?

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    When i think about things like this I just ask myself.... Do i ever use Yahoo directory to find websites? The answer of course is no.

    Why would anyone trawl through a directory when they can search Google Yahoo or MSN. Its sad because quite possible we would all find far better quality web results if we used the likes of yahoo directory or dmoz when searching, but is human nature to be lazy and bung a query to google.

    There may be a small benefit when it comes to PR, but not enough to warrent $300. Submit to DMOZ because they are free (if they ever fix their submission problems) and gives you a little PR boost.
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