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    PR5,PR4,PR4,PR3 link pack in cheapest prices.


    I am here offering you a complete PR Links Pack.

    I can provide you a text link on these PR websites,

    1. PR4 daily 200~225 uniques and growing.

    2. PR3 daily ~25-50 uniques

    3. PR4 daily 0 uniques, just set up a forum, with no idea how to use domain, But it has a PR so its a valuable

    4. PR5 daily 4-5 uniques, no content forum, no idea what to do with this domain. maybe its also valuable because of PR.

    I can offer you a link on all these in 20$ a month, or 90$ for 6 months on all these.

    Simple static Sale, No scamming no tricks, Genuine PR, Text links in footer of all websites, Paypal Payment, No future PR predictionsl, Please duly check my websites on toolbars, prchecking websites or anywhere, These are genuine PR. Paypal email : [email protected] Send in with link, anchor text, and your name in message. Or subscribe at paypal link given on


    PS: I have lots more PR domains so if you want like 10-50 Different PR3-Pr6 links please contact for a custom plan.
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