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    Best hosting under $6.00

    What is the best hosting company under $6.00/month??

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    Could you be more specific?

    What is the minimum ammount of web space and bandwidth you're looking for?

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    200mb webspace. 2000mb transfer.

    Whats the best hosting company under $6.00?
    Could you name a few sites please?

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    754 is ok
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    I need more memory. I've heard the story on, I haven't had any problems so far. But I need something CHEAP but GOOD!

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    Just be carefull blt, you get what you pay for ... sometimes. If your just looking for a good deal I would post in the Requests forum, you'll get responses from all the hosts on what they can offer you and your situation.
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    well, you can only get more memory with dedicated server or you mean more web space/bandwidth?

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    I found a host.

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    People say Cyberwings has horrible support.
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    try these guys

    try, I have an account with them and have been very happy sp far with what they have given me.

    they had issues with their mail server for a while but they have succesfully changed it and fixed the problems they had.

    so far, their uptime has been 100% according to my bots ( checks every 5 mn) in the past 2 months.

    good luck

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    Originally posted by Vex
    People say Cyberwings has horrible support.
    They have had their problems now and then but on the whole they are sound

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