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    Interesting Forum

    to all.

    This is an interesting forum to say the least. Naturally, I am a new member and enjoying reading the various forum and the many posts and replies.

    My site is a very simple help site originally developed for GeoCities people. It has grown quite a bit and I attemp to "teach myself" various web topics, e.g. HTML, PHP. I also have a huge scrapbook about myself, my parents, brothers, and my wife and our travels. Drop me a note if you find anything interest there.

    Yep, I am old ... to some I am very, very old ... but, hey, being alive is the point )

    Oh, yes, I have helped many "beginners" in developing their web pages as not being afraid to learn the basics is the key to web design ... just my opinion

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    welcome Dave. This forum has many people with very high skills and experiences, they will be happy to assist you, also many can benefit from your expertise as well.
    Nice Domain name.
    What do you do for living?

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