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    Cpanel File change notification

    Could someone help. I was browsing some hosting website and I noticed 1 company offering the option to email you if there was any file changes on your hosting server that u didnt authorise.
    They have WHM/Cpanel.

    I mean this can be really handy if you wanted to know if any of your files were changed without you knowing if you were away.

    I have afew hosting packs, How can i add this option to my hosting.. Do I need software or can i do this in WHM/Cpanel?

    Can anyone help?


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    You can do this yourself with the "find" command.

    If you write a script along the lines of:

    find . -newer .timestamp -print | xargs ls -ld
    touch .timestamp

    and run that from crontab on a daily basis it should email you. There are refinements like adding a subject and not generating emails if you are up to date, but I'll leave those to you to research!

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    Thanks for the reply brianoz, Where can i read up more about this? Is the script coded in PHP? I probably need a few directions anyone.....


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    Anyone else?

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    So i can do this in Cpanel Cron Job section?

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