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    **Looking for an OpenVZ guru**

    Hello, I am in need of some assistance to help diagnose some issues with a OpenVZ server. This server is not in production. I am testing the waters on this, but ran into a few small snags that need to be accomplished before I can continue on to the next step.

    I would really like some assistance over IM or at least for the initial consultation for better communication of the problem.

    This should be very basic for people knowledgeable in this software. At this time, I am very active on MSN messenger as [email protected]. We can discuss the details once contact has been made. If you rather talk on any other messenger program, send me an email at the above address and I will do my best to install it.

    I am looking to have this job filled and resolved within the next day or two....We can discuss payment methods when contact is made.

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    problem resolved....thanks to all that has replied!

    For the record: A2B2 resolved my issues!

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