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    Instant or rapid deployment

    Does anyone know if there are any server companies that offer instant or verry speedy deployment? I use to use ev1 when i needed a server fast but things have changed there. Any help would be appreciated.

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    Have you tried looking in the offers section of WHT? You might find some providers there that have pretty quick setup times. Also softlayer has 4 hour setup times. They are a bit expensive, but well worth it.
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    thanks for the reply. Yes i have looked in there and tried one that said 4-6 hours but they never came through lol. I will keep looking and take a look at Softlayer.

    Thanks again

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    SoftLayer is expensive for the spec's you are getting? They are extremely low budget ... they arn't selling P4 2.4's or Celerons... their minimum service is a dual core, 1GB RAM, and 250GB HDD for $159 ... expensive? yeah right.

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    687 does as they say.. 15 minutes

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    How much are you going to pay for this server?

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    I second nod for 15ms... they truly live up to their name.

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    Depends upon the type of server as well as payment method sought.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rohitj
    Depends upon the type of server as well as payment method sought.
    And all data centers can run out of stock so you should probably work with a few data centers. You might explain your needs so they can try to keep extra stock of the server(s) configs you like to order.

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    If it is in standard business hours you should contact sales because if they want your money they will likely go out of their way to push everyone else to get it out to you
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    I know from my own experience that has instant activation - You just have to wait for the selected OS to install (about 10 minutes or so)

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