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    DirectAdmin Vs InterWorx

    I am getting ready to purchase my first VPS and I was wondering what everyone thought was the better CP, DirectAdmin or InterWorx? I don't like Cpanel and I have looked at the DirectAdmin demo. InterWorx doesn't have a demo up.

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    DirectAdmin is very stable and very user friendly. You can also always get the installatron plugin and have almost every feature that CPanel has. I highly recommend DirectAdmin as it has proven itself for over the many years.
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    DirectAdmin ftw!
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    I can tell nothing about InterWorx. I did not use this CP.But DA is good stable, convenient system with wide functionality.

    You may read DA about here -

    I shall try to find and publish review of InterWorxfor for you and other users in the near future.
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    Which VPS providers offer InterWorx? I'm only aware of
    What's your budget?

    Seriously, what's your budget?

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    zwisted - thanks, i look forward to any interworx reviews you can find.

    RossMan - I love your site!! Your Black Friday section rocks.

    Anywho, JaguarPC offers VPS with Interworx and they are currently running a special with discounts. Check out the VPS offers section here on WHT.

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    I would go with direct admin, although i haven't got any experience with InterWorx but i can guarantee you that direct admin is very stable! And it's very userfriendly.

    Good luck!

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